21 Best Trending Content Writing Topics to Write Articles in 2023 | Best Topics For Content Writing Article Writing

When you start writing we need the best trending content writing topics to write articles. Whether you’re a skilled or other writer, you’ve probably thought about creating topics that interest you as well as readers. However, choosing a topic for content writing or article writing is not easy, especially for beginners. Even when you initially begin your journey as an essayist, it is routine that you get confused, and of the unmistakable quality of two personalities about a topic, some ideas strike you at the same time. Like you also need to identify where your instincts lie.

It is true that elegantly crafted content will attract visitors to your site and drive new traffic from web search engines. The ultimate goal of the author in article writing will be to make people think that your content is so appealing, that they want to share it with other people on various social media websites.

The content writer aims to really connect with people, providing complete useful information about a topic in one place. Creating excellent content requires basic creative thought, ideas, and commitment. Here are some trending topics for article or content writing ideas that will help you explore your imagination.

Best Content Writing Topics and Trendy Article Writing Topics Ideas
Content Writing Topics For Beginners

What Are The Best Trending Content Writing And Article Writing Topics To Write On?

We suggest that you establish yourself as an authority and an expert in your field or industry, writing about what you know best and providing insider tips and knowledge.

1. How-To & DIY Tutorials

People love “How-To” material because it helps to do something specific. You can write about a multi-step process that shows people how to do useful work, and write about their overall insight.

2. Educational Topics

Educational articles are informative writings that inform, instruct or provide useful knowledge to the readers. Articles are usually written for specific publications and with a particular audience in mind. To communicate information in a meaningful way, you must first organize all your thoughts.

3. Trending & Latest Topics

If your article or content writing is based on discussions on relevant topics that are currently trending, then there is a potential for increased sharing on social media platforms. So use these tips and boost your content business at the same time.

4. Seasonal and Industry Events

Many special events come every year and people love to read about them. Write informative articles about special times of the year like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday that positively affect you and your business.

5. Health and Lifestyle

People are very much interested in health, fitness, and lifestyle so they take more interest in reading about it. Everyone’s lifestyle plays an important role in staying healthy. That’s why articles written on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle easily grab people’s attention. In a comprehensive guide to fitness article, you can write some easy ways to stay healthy in it lead a healthy lifestyle.

6. Fitness, Diet, and Yoga

To get your readers and followers interested in health fitness and diet, you can – Tell stories about their diet, exercise, and daily routine, etc. Furthermore, you should draw and explain the different types and structures of the human body and make a diet routine for everyone to follow. Give detailed information about famous fitness celebrities and their health secrets in your article.

  • Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian Meal Plan
  • Create an exercise routine
  • Workout timing and precautions
  • Major yoga structures and postures
  • Our Protein Requirements
  • Sugar intake and requirements
  • How to control fat and cholesterol
  • What is the importance and need of vitamins, calcium, zinc, and iron?
  • Ultimate fitness goal

7. Food & Cuisine

We all know that food is the third most important thing in providing energy and growth for living beings, sustaining life, or stimulating growth after air and water. And there are thousands of foods around the world. So surely you will find a lot of topics to write about this. It is the most searched word on the Internet. Food plays an important role in promoting health and preventing disease, hence providing people with detailed information about them.

You can find a wide range of topic ideas to write about in this category and include anything related to food and cooking, such as recipe ideas, restaurant reviews, and food trends.

Food blogging is easy for “bloggers” or “foodies” or people who cook and eat or enjoy great food. People who write about their interests may be able to write for longer periods.

8. Entertainment & Movies

With so much workload in the world, everyone entertains themselves through movies, TV shows, and web series. With the OTT fever rising in the last few years, almost everyone wants to know which new series are launching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms. You can write about entertainment and build a loyal audience but make sure you choose trending topics to write about.

9. Travel and Tourism

While traveling, you not only see and learn new places, but you also learn to make connections with people living in different parts of the world who may look and live very differently from you. So through your research and experiences, tell travelers about the roads that you travel frequently so that they too can save time.

Show them undiscovered destinations. When you visit your travel destination, you learn about diversity in geography as well as a global culture. You can cover all those topics and become the best topic for article writing

10. Technology

You will find lots of content writing topics on technology. Because technology and there is a wide field to write on it. The good thing is that people like articles related to technology, and they want to know about it in detail.

11. Digital Marketing

Currently, digital marketing is booming but people know very little about it. This is one of the best topics for article writing and digital marketing, also known as online marketing. Basically, it refers to advertising delivered through digital channels to promote a brand and engage potential customers using the Internet and other forms of digital communication such as search engines, websites, and social media.

12. Employment and Career Advice

Employment and career is a space that has always been continuous and growing. Everyone is looking for their dream job, people are eager to get good career advice for the growth of their life. Also, at one point or another, almost everyone thinks of starting their own business. In such a situation, by giving them the right information, give good business ideas to your audience to start their career.

This topic includes advice and strategies for finding and succeeding in a career, including job search techniques and resume and cover letter writing.

13. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are one of the trending content writing topics of 2022. But people have limited knowledge about it as it is a new topic. You can help your readers, write about their various doubts, facts and myths and give in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency, for example:- what is a cryptocurrency, how to start investing in cryptocurrency About news updates, etc.

A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that can be used as an online arrangement of cash to purchase several products and services. For example, bitcoin is also a cryptocurrency.

14. Parenting and Family Life

You can also write articles on topics related to raising children and all the responsibilities and activities involved in it. It is the trending topic for content writing and is always popular throughout the year. This topic covers the joys and challenges of parenting, as well as the dynamics of family life.

This topic covers the joys and challenges of parenting, as well as the dynamics of family life. This is important because parenting or parenting fosters and supports a child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development from infancy to adulthood.

15. Electric Cars or EV Vehicle

EV vehicles are the most trending topic for content writing as it is futuristic. Basically, EV Vehicle An EV is a short acronym for an electric vehicle. EVs are vehicles that are either partially or fully powered by electricity and the electric car sector is set to boom in the coming years.

16. Pop Culture and Entertainment

This is a very popular topic and this topic covers current events and trends in the entertainment industry, such as movies, television, and music.

17. Hobbies and Interests

Everyone has different interests. You can write on a topic that includes anything related to hobbies and interests, such as gardening, crafts, and hobbies for specific age groups.

18. Product Reviews and Comparisons

Every day hundreds of products are introduced and launched by companies and people want to know about their reviews before buying it. Therefore, this topic includes reviews and comparisons of various products such as gadgets, appliances, and home goods.

19. Environmental Issues and Sustainability

Nowadays environment and climate change is a serious issue and everyone wants to read about it. This topic includes anything related to the environment and efforts to preserve it, such as climate change, conservation, and sustainable living.

20. Social Media and Online Trends

This is the time of social media because like any other medium, it has become an important part of our daily life. Because there are so many social media platforms available that you can start writing on that. This topic covers the latest trends and developments in social media and online platforms along with tips on using them effectively.

21. Relationships and Dating

Every person is in a relationship at one time or the other, sometimes people have problems with this, and you can solve them through your article. This topic covers issues related to relationships and dating, such as communication, conflict resolution , and finding and maintaining healthy relationships.

FAQ: Article & Content Writing Topics For Beginners And Experienced Creators

Q: What are the trending topics for content writing?

Ans. Some of the trending topics are Cloud Computing, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Wearable Devices, New Mobile Phone Models, Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen Fuel, Internet, and 5G.

Q: How can I search trending topics for article writing?

Ans. You can use various tools and websites to find trending topics to write articles and some of them are Google Trends, Google News, Bing News Stories, and News Sites.

Q: What are some good and trendy topics to write articles on?

Ans. In my opinion, electric vehicles, rechargeable batteries, hydrogen fuel, and vehicles, cloud storage and hosting, and 5G internet and phones are good trendy topics to write about.

Q: What are the most popular topics to write about?

Ans. Entertainment and Movies, Health and Lifestyle, Celebrity News, Science and Technology innovations, Travel, Food, and Cuisine, and New Mobile Phone launches, are some of the popular topics to write about.

Q: How to find the trending topics every day to write blogs on?

Ans. You can easily find trending topics on Google Trends, Google Search, various new site portals, Bing Search and MSN News.

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