Biden will eventually travel to Hawaii to survey wildfire damage

WASHINGTON—President Biden is set to embark on a crucial journey to Maui on Monday, personally assessing the heart-wrenching aftermath of a catastrophic wildfire that tragically claimed the lives of over 100 individuals.

President Biden will travel to Maui Hawaii

Biden promises federal support to Maui wildfires victims

Amidst this solemn pilgrimage, the president will engage in meaningful conversations with survivors, alongside valiant first responders and a coalition of federal, state, and local officials, as confirmed by the White House.


This pivotal visit arrives amidst a backdrop of mounting scrutiny over the president’s initial response to the calamity. Although he briefly addressed the inferno last Thursday, President Biden’s substantial public discourse on the crisis was notably absent until Monday. His silence remained steadfast even as he enjoyed a beach getaway in Delaware over the weekend.

In an unwavering display of solidarity, President Biden, while delivering a pre-scheduled address in Milwaukee on Monday, firmly committed to extending unyielding federal support to Hawaii. With unwavering resolve, he affirmed, “Our thoughts and prayers stand in unity with the people of Hawaii, but our commitment extends beyond mere words. Every resource they require will be readily available. We stand ready to assist for as long as it takes.”

Behind closed doors, White House officials have revealed President Biden’s active involvement in the crisis, maintaining regular communication with Hawaii’s governor, members of the state’s congressional delegation, and the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Deanne Criswell.

In a recent dialogue, President Biden personally assured Hawaii Governor Josh Green during a phone call on Monday that the federal government stands committed to furnishing Hawaii with “all the necessary resources.”

Tragedy struck Lahaina last week, claiming the lives of a devastating 106 individuals, a toll that experts warn could climb even higher as authorities have yet to scour most of the affected zone.

Responding to the urgency, the Biden administration has swiftly channeled vital support to the region, prompted by the president’s decisive signature on a disaster declaration last Thursday. This signature unlocked the flow of federal aid to the state.

A substantial contingent of aid has been dispatched, encompassing over 380 FEMA personnel and an additional 190 members of search-and-rescue teams, as confirmed by U.S. officials. FEMA is diligently orchestrating the establishment of a disaster recovery center, poised to offer fire victims access to an array of state and federal resources. Survivors are strongly encouraged to apply for vital disaster assistance through this avenue.