How to Get Google Cloud Credits For Startups [Free] 2023

There are many ways to get Google Cloud Credits for startups, education, and more. It is basically financial support by Google in the form of cloud credit.

Google Cloud free Credits is an incentive scheme offered by Google on its cloud platform. It helps you to create a website, app, and services on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With the help of GCP Credits, you can get started on Google’s cloud platform for free.

However, there are both spending and deadlines for using Google’s free credit. Remember there is a specific time and usage limit with these Google free credits, but Google also offers “always free” services that can be used unlimitedly.

Google Cloud is an innovative service based on future technology, so many people want to know how to access and use Google Cloud Credits for startups, researchers, and students.

Furthermore, you can easily set up your business on Google Cloud which uses advanced technology and you will also get great customer support from Google.

However, it does not matter whether you are a small or large entity, you can easily get Google Cloud credits for startups.

Google Cloud protects customers’ data, applications, and infrastructure from spam activities.

The GCP program seeks to help startups focus on their innovative ideas and transform them into the next generation of companies.

What is Google Cloud Credits

What are Google Cloud Credits?

Google’s cloud platform (GCP) introduced a free credit program for business startups, students, researchers, and many others.

But there is a term limit for using and spending for Google’s free credit.

However, Google also offers “always free” products, which do not count against free credits and can be used forever, or until Google decides to stop or revoke the limits.

The purpose of Google Cloud is to provide free credit to students, and teachers, for the education and broader adoption of GCP. These free GCP credits are also given for research purposes as well as for startups.

For digital transformation, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are trying to make easy access for everyone on their cloud platform, so they offered free credits.

What is the goal of Google Cloud for free credit?

Google Cloud aims to provide free credit to students and teachers for education and widespread adoption of GCP. These free GCP credits are given for research purposes as well as for startups.

It’s Google’s way of promoting digitization and providing affordable resources on the web, by encouraging and fostering new thinkers and industries with its own cloud platform.

How to get google cloud credits for startups, students, research, and faculty.

Google provides cloud computing services that allow you to create websites, applications, and store data on the Google Cloud Platform.

Meanwhile, they also provide you with support, services, and technology.

New customers receive $ 300 in free credits to fully explore and operate the evaluation of the Google Cloud Platform. And the good thing is that you will not be charged until you choose to upgrade. The easiest way to use Google Cloud products is Google Cloud Free Tier.

The purpose of the free trial is to help you discover and evaluate the features of Google Cloud.

How to Use Google Cloud Credits

How do I use Google Cloud credit? There are many ways to use Google Cloud products but, the most basic way to use is the Google Cloud Free Tier program.

This extended free trial lets you access free cloud resources so that you can try and learn about Google cloud services yourself.

How To Get Free Google Cloud Credits For  Startups

How to get free google cloud credit:

The Google Cloud Free program includes the following elements:

1. 90-day, $ 300 Free Trial:

You get a 90-days free trial with $ 300 credit to use with Google Cloud Services.

  • Program eligibility: If you meet the following conditions, you are eligible for a free trial:
    1. You have not signed up for a free trial before.
    2. You have never been a paying customer of Google Cloud, Google Maps Platform, or Firebase.
  • 90-day, $300 Free Trial Other Features:
    1. When you complete your signup, your 90-day, $ 300 free trial period begins automatically.
    2. To complete your free trial signup, you will need to provide a payment method and credit card details to set up a billing account and verify your identity.
    3. Don’t worry, you are not charged until you enable billing by upgrading your cloud billing account to a paid account.
    4. You can choose to upgrade to a paid account at any time during the trial period. After the upgrade, you can use the remaining credits over a 90-day period.
    5. During your free trial period, your remaining credits and days are displayed on the Billing Account Overview page in the Google Cloud Console.
    6. Your free trial ends when one of the following happens:
      • 90 days have passed since signing up.
      • You have spent $ 300 in credits.
    7. Your free trial credits apply to all Google cloud resources, but with the following exceptions:
      • You can’t add GPUs to your VM instances.
      • You cannot request to increase the quota.
      • You can’t create VM instances that are based on Windows Server images.
      • You cannot use Google Cloud Services to mine cryptocurrency during your free trial.
      • Free trial terms and conditions.

End of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Free Trial:

The free trial ends when you use your credit or after 90 days, whichever occurs first. So at that time, the following conditions apply:

  • All resources you create during trial or testing are stopped.
  • To continue using Google Cloud, you will need to upgrade to a paid account.
  • All the data you have stored in Compute Engine is marked for deletion and may be lost.

If you upgrade to a paid cloud account, the following conditions apply:

After starting the free trial you are free to upgrade your Google GCP account at any time. However, you should ensure that your resources continue to run uninterrupted after the test ends.

Because the free trial does not include some features such as GPU, Window Servers, and quota increase, etc., in that case you need to upgrade your account.

  • If you upgrade 30 days after the trial ends, your free trial resources or data are lost.
  • When you upgrade to a paid account within 30 days after the trial ends, your resources are marked for deletion, but you may be able to recover them.
  • If you upgrade before the trial ends, your unused and remaining free trial credit remains in your Google Cloud account. You can use the resources you have created during the free trial without disruption.
  • You can easily upgrade from a free trial account to a paid cloud billing account through Google Cloud Console.

Google Cloud Platform Costs for Startups After Free Trial

Google Cloud and Google Maps services only charge you for the resources you utilize and each service have its own pricing.

  • For using Google Cloud services, and the estimated cost, see the Pricing page.
  • For using Google Maps Platform, and the estimated cost, see the Pricing page.

2. Free Tier:

Google’s always-free services provide limited access to many common Google cloud resources and services. Unlike Google Cloud Free Trial, Free Tier is accessible to all Google users.

All of Google’s cloud customers can use the free monthly usage limit for some Google Cloud products – such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery.

If you remain within the free tier limit, such resources are not charged against your free trial credit or the payment method of your cloud billing account after your trial ends.

However, The Free Tier provides restricted access to several common Google Cloud products and services at no cost.

  • Program eligibility: If you fulfill the following standards, you are eligible for the free tier program:
    • Your Google Cloud Billing Account is active and in a good state.
    • You do not have a negotiated pricing agreement or custom rate card with Google.
    • You are active in the free trial duration or you have upgraded your cloud account to a paid account.
    • Learn more about Free Tier usage limits

Free Tier Other Features:

  • Not all Google cloud services or resources are part of Free Tier.
  • There is no time limit for Free Tier, but Google reserves the right to change offers, including changing or eliminating usage limitations, up to 30 days advance notice.
  • Free tiers do not include external IP addresses.
  • GPUs and TPUs are not included in Google Cloud Free Tier.
  • You have to pay for the GPU and TPU that you add to the VM instances.
  • Any usage that exceeds the free-tier usage limit is automatically billed at standard rates.
  • But, you can monitor and control costs through Google Cloud Console by setting budgets and alerts.
  • You require to accept the Google Cloud Terms of Service.

Pricing: You only need to pay for the resources that you use. You receive a $ 200 credit to your billing account each month to cover your usage costs. In addition, you also set usage limits to protect against unexpected cost increases.

3. Google Maps Platform Monthly Credit:

The Google Maps platform has a recurring $ 200 monthly credit.  Learn more about Google Maps and see Pricing.

How to cancel a Google cloud subscription:

If you are not satisfied, you can close your Googe cloud billing account by following these instructions.

Google Cloud For Education

  • Google Cloud credits for students for career development.

Google Cloud offers free education credits to students to help them prepare for their future careers. You can create and develop future skills with training in Google Cloud. It really helps them shape their careers.

All eligible students can apply for 200 Qwiklabs credits to begin their journey to learning.

  • Google Cloud credits for research.

Under the education offer, you can get up to $ 1000 in research credits. Eligible Ph.D. candidates can receive up to $ 1000 in Google Cloud Credit for each research proposal.

  • Google Cloud credits for faculty.

Faculty can guide and prepare students for future careers with Google Cloud.

Its advanced infrastructure and creative solutions enable faculty to modify the technology already available in their classroom and modernize their curriculum.

So faculty can help and prepare students for a cloud-based environment.

All eligible faculty can apply to receive up to $ 100 in Google Cloud Credit, and 3,000 Qwiklabs credits, including certification, and more.

See more details on the Google Cloud Education page.

Google Cloud Credits for Startups

Google encourages and helps startups develop with Google Cloud technology. This startup program is designed for growth and success in the early stages of your startup.

They are dedicated to helping you build a sustainable, successful business in the long run.

Google Cloud Credit for Startups helps reduce initial infrastructure costs and provides you with training, support, and advanced technology.

If you join the program, you can get the following financial, business, and technology support:

  • You get a minimum of $ 2,000 in initial startup credits.

You have a greater chance of getting additional credit based on the accelerator, incubator, or VC investor banking; Investment by select VC firms; And your infrastructure is needed.

  • In addition, additional credits and support may be available for Google Maps, Google Ads, Google Play, Qwiklabs, and more.
  • At the same time, you have opportunities to grow your business through a Google accelerator, events, startups, and a global community of experts.
  • Various technical training and workshops enhance the skills of your startup teams and you can choose to receive dedicated Google Cloud personal support.
  • Google Cloud credits for startups program eligibility: Learn more from Google’s website.

Google Cloud Always Free

The Always Free program is basically the “next stage” of free use after testing Google Cloud. In addition, these offerings provide limited access to many Google Cloud resources. However, resources are usually provided at monthly intervals, and are not credited, and are not accumulated or rolled over from one interval to another, used up or lost. Unlike the free trial, Always Free is a regular part of your Google Cloud account.

But remember that not all Google Cloud services always provide resources as part of the free program. Therefore, for a complete list of GCP services and usage limits please see here.

You can start using these popular Google services in the always-free program with some limitations.

Google Cloud Services in the Always Free program
Compute Engine
Cloud Storage
Cloud Functions
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Big Query

Find out more about the Google Cloud Free Program.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Get Free Google Cloud Credit for Startups and Others

Q: Is Google Cloud good for startups?

Ans: For any startup, early support is critical to their growth and Google Cloud provides a vital foundation for future business growth. The Google Startup Cloud program can help early-stage businesses not only fast-forward to key services but also prepare them for the growth they will experience on the go.

Q: Does Google work with startups?

Ans: Google works hard with startups and provides full support to diverse, thriving, and inclusive sustainable business startup communities around the world. It helps in providing them with cost-effective, intelligent, proven technology which helps them to move faster.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of Google Cloud Credits for startups, students, researchers, teachers, and more is to help them grow.

Cloud computing is a great technology. This is why Google helps people to use this technology and make it available at affordable prices.

So they offer free Google Cloud Credits for startups and educational institutions including students.

Learn more about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credits and other benefits at

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