Review: 6 Best Online Converter App That Can Convert All File Formats 2023

Overview Online Converter App: Whenever we work, sometimes we need to convert some files to other file formats. But in some cases, it becomes difficult to do so. Because sometimes your computer, mobile, or any other device’s inbuilt OS software is not able to do it. In such a situation, we have to take the help of an online converter app.

These online file converter apps are very convenient tools for your official work or personal life as it is able to convert documents, images, videos, files to other most common file formats for free.

There are many online converter apps available on the internet, which we can use for a limited time and even for free. Here we have picked up for you the best online converter applications available on the Internet.

Let’s start reviewing the best file converter online apps

Best Online Converter App

6 Best Online Converter Application For All Files Formats

What is an online file converter app: These online file converter apps are a very useful tool for your official work or personal life as it allows you to convert various types of documents, images, videos, files to other file formats for free.

Like others, if you are fed up of having files in all kinds of formats, and can’t find an easy way to convert between them – then here we have compiled a list of the best online file converting applications.

Following is the list of the 6 best (Free) online converter apps:

1. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is the most popular online file converter app. They support almost all video, audio, document, image, ebook, archive, presentation, and spreadsheet formats and are capable of converting them from one file format to another. To get started, you simply visit its official website and then use the specific buttons and select the desired files to convert from your computer.

In a few seconds, your file gets converted from one file format to another. Because all this work is done online, so internet connection is required for this work.

Official Website: CloudConvert

2. Online Converter

Online Converter is yet another effective, multi-purpose, file converter online application that offers free online conversion services for a variety of file formats and units of measurement. It is one of the most versatile and multipurpose converters, a useful tool for your daily life work.

Because in addition to converting file formats, it converts various units of measurement, such as volume/capacity, weight/mass, length/distance, area, time zone, time, speed, temperature, etc.

Official Website: Online Converter

3. Online-Convert

Since 2009, when his first project “” became available online to users, its CEO Jens Birkandt has worked hard on the tool to make file conversion as easy as possible. Now any user is able to upload their files and process them online, without installing and updating any software, just using any web browser.

When we used it we found that everyone using it can edit files like PDF editor, split, cut, merge and compress files, take screenshots (lossless and lossy) can take screenshots, encrypt them.

The main company behind the brand Online-Convert is “QaamGo” which has developed several other brands to run and market their own web-based software.

Official Website: Online-Convert

4. FreeFileConvert

Another name in the list of free online file converters is FreeFileConvert. This tool allows you to convert your files to different formats, it’s completely free. The company claims that it supports 8,749 different conversion combinations of image, document, audio, video, ebook, presentation, archive, and font file types.

Official Website: FreeFileConvert

5. OnlineConvertFree

There is another name in our list of best online converter apps – “Online ConvertFree”. It was established in 2018 and currently, its service interface is available in 15 languages. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that this service is used by thousands of users every day.

Currently, all 1500+ direction conversions are available for free to the users so we can say that the file conversion service has one of the largest lists of supported formats.

Official Website: OnlineConvertFree

6. Zamzar

Zamzar is a well-known limited company based, registered in England. It is also an effective file conversion tool and you can use Zamzar to convert the most popular and wide range of different formats.

Zamzar is fully dedicated to helping you convert your videos, movies, songs, documents, and images into various formats. According to the company, its mission is: “To provide high-quality file conversion for as many file formats as possible”.

Official Website: Zamzar

Conclusion About Best Online Converter App

These online file converter apps are very useful tools for various tasks in your daily life as it is able to convert various types of documents, images, videos, files to other most common file formats absolutely free of cost.

To meet all your file conversion needs and provide you with a one-stop solution, we have used the many tools available on the internet and then sorted out the best.

Please, tell us which online converter app you have chosen and why?

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