iOS 17 Biggest Upgrades For iPhone

iOS 17 Beta U-Turns on ‘End Call’ Button Placement: The most recent iteration of Apple’s iPhone operating system beta seems to have reverted a modification that had shifted the placement of the red “end call” button.

New iOS 17 beta reverses iPhone 'end call' button move

In this sixth developer and fourth public release of iOS 17 beta, the “end call” button has been relocated closer to its original position found in iOS 16, situated at the bottom center of the screen, rather than its previously adjusted position in the lower right corner of the screen, as introduced in iOS 17.

Nevertheless, this updated placement remains slightly distinct from the familiar “end call” button in iOS 16. The repositioning of the “end call” button had posed challenges for users who favor their left hand and has proven to disrupt muscle memory.

In contrast to previous iOS versions, the new end call button is situated in proximity to various other buttons pertaining to different call actions.

The fresh operating system showcases a new feature called “contact posters,” which showcases a caller’s photo across most of the screen.

Further alterations in this beta include the incorporation of a “+” button within the messenger app, facilitating quicker access to photos compared to navigating through an extensive list of options. Additionally, the update introduces functionalities that enable callers to transcribe voice messages in real-time and share contacts through close proximity between iPhones.