11+ BEST Minecraft Server Hosting Review 2023: (Free & Paid)

What Is The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Service, OR What Is The Best Server Hosting For Minecraft? Minecraft is not just a video game, but it is very popular as well, influencing the lifestyle of the younger generation. Minecraft Server Hosting Review gives you an in-depth comparison of all the best Minecraft Hosting Providers available to you. It does not only attract the younger generation but also impresses adults with this gaming phenomenon.

Is Minecraft the best-selling game of all time? It was first released in 2011 and recorded Minecraft sales of over 200 million units worldwide, making it the best-selling game of all time.

What Is The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Service, OR What Is The Best Server Hosting For Minecraft?

A Minecraft game server hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows anyone to host their Minecraft game on the World Wide Web.

Before purchasing any Minecraft hosting, you should consider what makes some things better than others. After all, you should not be disappointed after realizing that your Minecraft service provider cannot provide you with an amazing experience while playing the game.

Many gamers or gaming enthusiasts want to know – What Is The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Service? Or What Is The Best Server Hosting For Minecraft?

We have prepared a list of the best Minecraft server hosting service on the basis of the following components.

  • Easy or jiffy setup 
  • DDoS protection
  • Game servers locations
  • RAM Or Memory availability
  • Low latency and good uptime
  • No. of Mods allowed and included 
  • Allowed multiple players simultaneously

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Review 2023

In this comparison, we will review the 5 best Minecraft server hosting options. We will discuss them, list their features, and tell you what they will cost you (plus there are free options).

Let’s get started with the best Minecraft server hosting review.

  1. Apex Hosting
  2. Shockbyte
  3. Hostinger Minecraft Server
  4. BisectHosting
  5. ScalaCube
  6. GGServers
  7. MCProHosting
  8. Nodecraft
  9. CubedHost
  10. ServerMiner
  11.  BeastNode

Minecraft Server Hosting Review: Plans, Pricing, & Features.

Apex Hosting Minecraft Review

1. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is the finest Minecraft server hosting for beginners as well as experienced gamers. You can buy a rented server with 1GB of RAM for $ 4.49 in the first month and it is easy to set up with your home PC.

Apex Hosting fully supports the Minecraft Java version (PC, Windows, Mac) and Minecraft Bedrock version (Windows, Android, iOS). However, Apex Minecraft Hosting provides an amazing service. There is hardly any lag on the servers. A variety of modpacks and selections are available. Read more at Apex Hosting Review.

Official Website: https://apexminecrafthosting.com/


  • Free Subdomain
  • Unlimited storage
  • Automated backups.
  • Free Server Transfers
  • 24/7 online chat support.
  •  It comes with Java and Bedrock servers.
  • DDoS protection for Minecraft server hosting.
  • Apex Hosting provides Minecraft Server Hosting with free domain names for MC gamers.


First Month
First Month
First Month
First Month
First Month
First Month
First Month
First Month
915GB $59.99 
First Month

Shockbyte Minecraft Server Review

2. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a popular game server provider and a well-known name in the field of Minecraft server hosting. It provides a hosting service for gamers and is registered in Victoria, Australia. Shockbite Hosting has been providing Minecraft hosting services since 2013.

You have the option to select a server location from North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia. Here is the article on Shockbyte Review to read more.

Shockbyte offers Minecraft Server Hosting with many features at an affordable price and plans start at $ 2.50 a month. This Minecraft host provides 100% uptime, guaranteed DDOS protection, free subdomains, 24/7 always-online support, MCPC & MCPE Cross-compatibility.

Official Website: https://shockbyte.com/


  • Free subdomain.
  • Drive NVMe SSD.
  • Disk Space Unlimited.
  • BandwidthUnlimited.
  • Control Panel Multicraft.
  • Guaranteed DDoS Protection.
  • Plans start from $2.50/ month for 1GB.


11GB$2.50/ Month
22GB$5.00/ Month
33GB$7.50/ Month
44GB$10.00/ Month
55GB$12.50/ Month
66GB$15.00/ Month
77GB$17.50/ Month
88GB$20.00/ Month
99GB$22.50/ Month
1010GB$25.00/ Month
1112GB$30.00/ Month
1216GB$40.00/ Month
1332GB$80.00/ Month

Hostinger Minecraft Server Review

3. Hostinger Minecraft Server

Hostinger has been one of the most affordable Minecraft server hosting services since 2004. As of now, it operates in more than 170 countries across the globe, so it’s an influential MC web host.

Nowadays, Hostinger is mostly used by beginners and Minecraft server users due to its reliable inexpensive MC packages.

Official Website: https://www.hostinger.com/minecraft-server-hosting


  • Set up your server easily with a multicraft panel.
  • Hostinger uses the latest Intel Xeon processor with terabytes of SSD disk space.
  • All plans include advanced automated hardware DDoS protection to ensure that your server is secure.


1Alex2GB$8.95/ Month
2Villager3GB$12.95/ Month
3Creeper4GB$15.95/ Month
4Herobrine6GB$23.95/ Month
5Enderman8GB$29.95/ Month

BISECTHOSTING Review - Bisect Hosting Reviews

4. BisectHosting

Bicesthosting is known for premium service on a budget and is dedicated to making your Minecraft server hosting experience easy and affordable.

It comes with two sets of a premium and budget Minecraft server plan. Bisecthosting Minecraft Server’s budget packages provide basic features. While premium Minecraft servers come with many other additional features such as free unlimited slots, free dedicated IP, 8 global server locations to choose from, free Modpack installations and updates, and a free sub-domain.

Official Website: https://www.bisecthosting.com/


1Instant & Easy SetupChoose any locations
224/7 Support24/7 Support
3Full FTP AccessFree Dedicated IP
4Free MySQLFree Daily Backups
5Free Sub-DomainFree Unlimited Slots
6Free DDOS ProtectionFree Modpack Updates
7Custom JAR SupportFree Modpack Installation
8Multicraft Control PanelBudget server features included
9Unlimited* NVMe SSD spaceUnlimited* NVMe SSD Space


There are two types of Bisecthosting Minecraft Server hosting plans:

  1. Budget Package.
  2. Premium Package
1 1GB$2.99 Month$7.99 Month
22GB$5.98 Month$9.98 Month
33GB$8.97 Month$14.97 Month
44GB$11.96 Month$19.96 Month
55GB$14.95 Month$24.95 Month
66GB$17.94 Month$29.94 Month
77GB$20.93 Month$34.93 Month
88GB$23.92 Month$39.92 Month
910GB$29.90 Month$49.90 Month
10 12GB$35.88 Month$59.88 Month
1114GB$41.86 Month$69.86 Month
1216GB$47.84 Month$79.84 Month
13 18GB$53.82 Month$89.82 Month
1420GB$59.80 Month$99.80 Month
1522GB$65.78 Month$109.78 Month
16 24GB$71.76 Month$119.76 Month
1726GB$77.74 Month$129.74 Month
1828GB$83.72 Month$139.72 Month
1930GB$89.70 Month$149.70 Month
2032GB$95.68 Month$159.68 Month

ScalaCube Minecraft Server Review

5. ScalaCube

Scalcube is very easy to use, and the prices are very reasonable. Servers run very smoothly, and users love this service – most of the time it works perfectly, updates quickly, no lag or issues, & great value.

ScalaCube is a relatively less popular Minecraft server than others, but is a good choice for BEGINNERS, due to its low cost.

Official Website: https://scalacube.com/


  • Ultra-Low Latency.
  • 99.9% availability of servers.
  • It offers many locations around the world, so you can select your nearest server location, to keep your ping time as short as possible.
  • You have the option of standard HDD storage or SDD storage which provides ten times faster access time. SSD is the best option to choose.
  • Unlimited free traffic without throttling. Regardless of whether the volume of traffic is up or down, the traffic will always be free with the maximum bandwidth available.


1Minecraft 3G3 GBFree
2Minecraft VPS768 MB$2.50 Month
3Minecraft VPS1.5 GB$5 Month
4Minecraft VPS3 GB$10 Month
5Minecraft VPS4.5 GB$13 Month
6Minecraft VPS6 GB$18 Month
7Minecraft VPS8 GB$24 Month
8Minecraft VPS12 GB$36 Month
9Minecraft VPS16 GB$48 Month
10Minecraft VPS32 GB$96 Month

GGSERVERS Minecraft Review

6. GG Servers

GG Servers is a Canadian-based Minecraft hosting company created with the sole purpose of bringing you high-quality game servers at low prices. However, in the last 6 years, they have been continuously revising their services to provide maximum gaming experience value.

Currently, they focus on transparency and 24/7 customer support, in addition to pricing and high-quality hardware.

Since 2013, GG Servers has been focusing on providing high-quality game servers at affordable prices.

Official Website: https://ggservers.com/


  • Support for Java & Bedrock Edition.
  • Customized Multicraft Control Panel.
  • 24/7 Live Chat & Technical Support.
  • Unmetered SSD & NVMe Storage.
  • 1-Click Installs For Modpacks & Plugins.
  • All gg servers services are equipped with automated DDoS security.
  • Build a Minecraft server in any of 9 global locations and play with low latency anywhere in the world.


GGServers Minecraft Hosting offers two kinds of plans. If you select premium features, the web host enables all locations and enjoys the benefits of premium hardware and some other features.

  1. Standard
  2. Premium
1STONE1GB$3 Month$6 Month
2COAL2GB$6 Month$12 Month
3IRON3GB$9 Month$18 Month
4GOLD4GB$12 Month$24 Month
5LAPIS5GB$15 Month$30 Month
6REDSTONE6GB$18 Month$36 Month
7DIAMOND8GB$24 Month$48 Month
8EMERALD12GB$36 Month$72 Month

MCProHosting Review

7. MCProHosting

MCProHosting is the world’s largest and leading game server provider established in 2011.

MCProhosting offers premium features and has more than 21 server locations, a custom control panel, the possibility to cancel your server immediately, and more, unlimited RAM or unlimited storage.

Official Website: https://mcprohosting.com/


  • 670,000+ Satisfied Customers
  • Unlimited disk space for storage
  • It offers 23 locations across 6 continents.
  • MCProhosting automatically stores daily backups of your Minecraft server at no additional cost.

PRICING (Minecraft Java Edition Server)

1Steve1GB$7.99 Month
2Villager2GB$11.99 Month
3Witch4GB$22.99 Month
4Enderman6GB$33.99 Month
5Wither8GB$44.99 Month
6Herobrine10GB$55.99 Month
16GB$64.99 Month
8Ravager24GB$84.99 Month
32GB$99.99 Month

PRICING (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server)
Bedrock Edition only works on Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

1Phantom256 MB$1.49 Month
2Fox512 MB$2.99 Month
1 GB$4.99 Month
1.5 GB$7.99 Month
5Guardian2 GB$9.99 Month
6Llama3 GB$14.99 Month


8. Nodecraft

Nodecraft was founded in 2012 and is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is a fast-growing startup, consisting of gamers, programmers, digital artisans, and graphic designers.

Nodecraft DDoS protected network provides low latency and 99.9% uptime to its customers.

Here is the Nodecraft review ultimate guide to learn everything about this game server hosting service.

Official Website: https://nodecraft.com/


  • Starting at $9.98 per month.
  • Instant setup and easy to use.
  • Free trial, no credit card required.
  • No lag high-performance hardware with no lag.
  • Set automated tasks to run on the server at any time
  • Easily save and switch between game servers with a unique control panel.
  • Nodecraft developed NodePanel – the next-generation game server hosting control panel platform. It also works through a mobile browser or app.


1Nano1 GB$9.98 Month
2Keelo2 GB$19.98 Month
3Megs3 GB$29.98 Month
4Omega4 GB$39.98 Month

CubedHost Review

9. CubedHost

What is CubedHost? This is premium, affordable and reliable Minecraft server hosting. Cubedhost custom-built Prisma control panel gives you ultimate freedom and complete control over your Minecraft server

Is CubedHost safe?

Yes, of course, its full DDoS protection covers every single part of the network, protecting against multi-gigabit UDP flooding, TCP SYN / ACK flooding, and more.
In addition, reliable server, almost no downtime, good support, but slightly expensive.

The good thing is that the CubedHost automated backup system runs 3x a day and backs up every important file on every active server. These files are preserved for 30 days.

Official Website: https://cubedhost.com/


  • Instant setup for Minecraft server hosting.
  • 24/7 support is available to help with any technical issues you may face.
  • The Cubedhost automated system brings your server online instantly as soon as you make a payment.


1768 MB$3.93 Month
21 GB$5.24 Month
31.5 GB$7.86 Month
42 GB$10.49 Month
52.5 GB$13.11 Month
63 GB$15.73 Month
73.5 GB$18.35 Month
84 GB$20.97 Month
94.5 GB$23.59 Month
105 GB$26.21 Month
115.5 GB$28.83 Month
126 GB$31.46 Month
136.5 GB$34.08 Month
147 GB$36.70 Month
157.5 GB$39.32 Month
168 GB$41.94 Month
179 GB$47.18 Month
1810 GB$52.43 Month
1911 GB$57.67 Month
2012 GB$62.91 Month


10. ServerMiner

ServerMiner was started in 2012 to provide Minecraft server hosting. ServerMiner has revolutionized Minecraft Server Hosting by developing the world’s most powerful control panel SMpicnic.

Official Website: https://serverminer.com/


  • As soon as you order, your Minecraft server will be automatically created in a few minutes.
  • You get zero commitment Minecraft server hosting. No compromise, keep your server as small or as low as you want.
  • ServerMiner introduces the world’s most amazing Minecraft server control panel – SMpicnic, which has many features.
  • You can install the Minecraft game version and mod pack with one click from the automatic game installer.


1STONE1.5 GB$7.58 Month
2COAL2 GB$9.89 Month
3LAPIS3 GB$14.66 Month
4IRON4 GB$19.37 Month
5GOLD6 GB$28.88 Month
6DIAMOND8 GB$38.32 Month
7BEDROCK10 GB$47.74 Month


11. BeastNode

BeastNode is a major budget Minecraft server hosting provider. If you are looking for the best Minecraft server host at affordable prices. This is the best place for gamers who want performance within budget. Over 300,000 customers served for Minecraft Hosting globally.

Official Website: https://www.beastnode.com/


  • Free Subdomain.
  • Free MySQL Database.
  • Full SSD hard drives for lag-free gaming.
  • It offers a popular Multicraft control panel for Minecraft service.
  • All their services come with a gigabit uplink to manage any inbound and outbound traffic.
  • DDoS security provides an extra layer of protection to your server (Minecraft, VPS, dedicated)
  • All Minecraft servers equipped with their own control panel to fully monitor, manage and control the server.


There are two types of Beastnode Minecraft Server hosting plans:

  1. Budget Minecraft
  2. Premium Minecraft
(Budget Minecraft)
11 GB$2.99 Month
22 GB$5.99 Month
33 GB$8.99 Month
44 GB$11.99 Month
56 GB$17.99 Month
68 GB$23.99 Month
710 GB$23.99 Month
812 GB$35.99 Month

(Premium Minecraft)
11 GB$10 Month
21.5 GB$15 Month
22 GB$20 Month
42.5 GB$25 Month
53 GB$30 Month
63.5 GB$35 Month
74 GB$40 Month
85 GB$50 Month
96 GB$60 Month
108 GB$80 Month
1110 GB$100 Month
1212 GB$120 Month


In this Minecraft server hosting review article, we have selected the best Minecraft hosting companies based on features, prices, hardware performance, server locations, RAM, players limits or recommended players, easy setup, DDOS protection, refund policy, and reliability.

In this comparison, we look at the 11 best Minecraft server hosting options. We discussed them with you, listed their features, and told you what they cost you.

In this Minecraft review article, we focused on available RAM, prices, player slots, and affordability.

In addition, we also give the answer to the queries like:

What is the best Minecraft server hosting service? Or What is the best server hosting for Minecraft?

The following are the best Minecraft service, providers:

  • Apex
  • Shockbyte
  • Hostinger
  • BisectHosting
  • ScalaCube
  • GGServers
  • MCProHosting
  • Nodecraft
  • CubedHost
  • ServerMiner
  • BeastNode

Do you have any queries on any of these Minecraft server hosting companies? Please, let us know in the comments below.

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