Is Astra Good For WordPress: Astra Theme Review 2023

Astra WordPress Theme Review: Whenever you create a website or blog on WordPress, three main things are required, first domain, second hosting, and third website theme. But you need a theme that is lightweight, fast, and attractive as well. Astra WordPress theme is a popular and highly customizable WordPress theme. It has rapidly gained popularity due to its lightweight and fast-loading design as well as its extensive customization options.

There are many website themes available out there, but only a few of them are able to pass the Google Core Web Vitals. There are only a few themes that are fast and light, such as Generate Press, and Astra, etc.

Astra WordPress Theme Review, Features - Why Astra Theme So Popular

Astra WP Theme Reviews: 2023

Astra WordPress Theme is a popular and highly customizable WordPress theme that was first released for users in 2017. It has quickly gained a lot of popularity due to its lightweight and fast-loading design, as well as its extensive customization options.

Features and Benefits of WP Astra Theme

Here are some of the key features and benefits of using Astra Theme:

1. Lightweight and Fast-Loading:

Astra Theme is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes available, which can help to improve your website’s performance and user experience.

2. Highly Customizable:

Astra Theme comes with a wide range of customization options that allow you to easily customize your website’s layout, colors, typography, and more.

3. Responsive Design:

Astra Theme is designed to be fully responsive, meaning that it will look great on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

4. Integration with Popular Page Builders:

Astra Theme is fully compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer, allowing you to easily create custom page layouts and designs.

5. SEO-Friendly:

Astra Theme is optimized for search engines, making it easier for your website to rank well in search engine results pages.

6. Available in Free and Premium Versions:

Astra Theme is available in both free and premium versions. The free version comes with a wide range of features, while the premium version includes even more customization options and advanced features.

Astra Theme Price

Astra Pro$47$227
Essential Bundle$137$677
Growth Bundle$187$937


Overall, Astra Theme is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fast-loading, highly customizable, and SEO-friendly WordPress theme. With its lightweight design and extensive customization options, it’s a great option for any type of website, from blogs and portfolios to online stores and corporate websites.

FAQ: Astra WordPress Theme Review – 2023

Q. What is Astra WordPress Theme?

Ans. Astra is a fast, and easily fully customizable website fast theme used by millions of WordPress users. The key here is the fact that it comes with dozens of pre-built sites that can be used to build a complete website.

Q. Why is Astra Theme so Popular?

Ans. Astra’s theme plugin makes it easy to set up any site in just minutes. You can also use a readymade template that is specially optimized for different niche websites. Speed is a very important factor to consider when choosing a theme for your new website. Astra is very popular among users because it is SEO-friendly and very lightweight theme. It is noteworthy that it is fully capable of passing all the Core Web Vitals metrics that Google has to offer, so Astra-built pages load faster.

Q. When was Astra Theme Released?

Ans. Astra WordPress theme was released in 2017. Since then, it has become the number 1 downloaded WordPress theme in the world due to its fast speed. Currently, this WordPress theme has reached over 2 million active installations, a milestone to be reached in 2023.

Q. Who Created Astra Theme?

Ans. Astra Theme is built by Brainstorm Force, a team of developers.

Q. Who Owns Astra Theme?

Ans. Brainstorm Force (software company).