What Are Domain Name | Domain Name Need & Importance

Domain definition: The domain is the name of the website. It is the unique address in which Internet users access a particular website. In short, the website name is called the domain. The domain is the Internet address of the website in which the user accesses any website.

It is used to help easily identify and find a different website on the Internet.

What are Domains Name and How does it work?

A domain name is a combination of letters. All the domain name is unique and different. Create a website domain name is a primary part and it is a must for any website.

It is very convenient for Internet users to identify various websites, with the help of a domain name, rather than remembering the IP address of the site. Create a website domain name is a primary part, but before using the domain name it must be registered. It needs to renew every year or after the period expires.

Why do you need a Domain Name?

When you want to create a new website, we asked the question from ourselves, why do I need a domain name? Every website has a specific name which is known as a domain and it is the fundamental part of the website.

On the Internet identifying or recognize the different computers, we use the IP address that includes a series of numbers. It is very difficult to remember these numerical values, therefore, the domain names were discovered.

Domain name

Types of Domain Name

There are different kinds of the domain used or available:-

First Level Domain

  1. Generic Top-Level Domain. : – These are the most popular domain name.
  • .com – Commercial use.
  • .gov  – For Government.
  • .net   – Network.
  • .edu  – Educational Institution.
  • .org   – For organisation.
  • .mil   –  For Military use.
  1. Country code Top-Level Domain. : – These are country code associated domain names. For example:-
  • .us   –  United States of America.
  • .uk  –  United Kingdom.
  • .au  –  Australia.
  • .ru  –  Russia.
  • .in   –  India.
  • .ca  – Canada.
  • .fr  –  France.
  • .de – Germany.
  • .cn – China.(PRC)
  • .jp  – Japan.
  • .it  – Italy.
  • .kr – South Korea.
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How important is your Domain Name?

A domain name is the face of the website, most importantly, it is the brand of any website. If the name is attractive, catchy, easy to learn, in that case, there is more possibility to divert the organic traffic.

The selection of the domain name is very important for the branding of the website. In the process of selection, make sure that you choose short, easy to memories, good domain names because it plays a crucial role to attract the highest number of visitors on your website.

Therefore, we choose a short, easy to learn, domain name, and also contain important keywords instead of the long domain names.

Importance of Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is the mandatory process for all users, before using it, for your website name. During the domain buying process, we need to register the domain name for a specific period of time and need to be renewed every time whenever the registration period is expired.

For registration and renewal, you have to pay a certain amount. On the other hand, you will own the domain name until as long as you renew it. The minimum one year and the maximum period of the domain registration are 10 years at the initial stages, meanwhile, it’s still active during the “Grace period” of time and you can own the domain name, but need to be renewed it before the expiry period.

The registration process of domain name done by an ICANN-accredited registrar who is an organization or company or person. During the registration, we have to submit the necessary information to the registrar.

Registrant: – The person who wants to register their domain name. In other words, the person who registers a domain name is called registrant.

Registrar: – The ICANN-accredited organization or company who manages and registered the domain name.

Registry: – It is an organization that systematically organizes and manages the top-level domain.

Domain Name System

“DNS” is the system who translates the domain names into IP addresses. It is managed by a high tech server called “Nameserver.”

The whole Domain Name System (DNS) is systematically controlled and coordinated by a non-profit organization – “The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.” (ICANN). It’s ensuring that every domain name and IP address is distinct and unique so that no one can duplicate or misuse it.

Domain Name Generator

With the help of this tool, we can easily find out the suitable domain name. In the search box, we type the related keywords, after that, it will show the available domain name, which is not currently used. As a result, you get the perfect domain title for your site.

In this way through this software, you can handily find out the desired domain name. This tool instantly scans the domain availability and suggests hundreds of domain name ideas. So, with the help of a domain name generator, you are able to search and get a great domain name which is perfect for your website and business.

What is the difference between Hosting and Domain?

  • The domain is the name of the website while hosting is a company or organisation who keeps all the website files in their server.
  • After buying a domain name, it is required to save the website files on the server. So, that time web host company provides the hosting in their data center server.

What is the difference between Domain and Website?

In short, the website name is called a domain name while the website is a set of different pages under one domain name. Every website has a unique name, which is the identity of the site, that name commonly known as Domain name. On the other hand, the website comprises different pages including a lot of data.

The website name is commonly known as Domain name and it is used for easily identifying the different websites on the internet. When you create a website, you need a domain name for your site.

A set of different pages under one domain name, which available online. Generally, it contains all the information on a particular topic.

The website comprises the different web pages containing a lot of information and generally known as the domain name. It is easily available on the Internet so, that we can access it from anywhere and read the information whenever we need it.

The website comprises a number of pages, which may include sound, video files, or text, and contained information on specific topics, which are available on the Internet.
In short, the website is a collection of web pages under a single domain name.

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