Is Shared Hosting Secure, And Why Is Shared Hosting Bad?

Is Shared Hosting Safe and Good for Your Brand New Website? Because shared hosting is the most affordable solution for every user. It is cost-effective, and budget hosting.

Therefore it is the first choice of every user. It is popular because it is inexpensive and suitable for low-traffic sites.

But before buying this hosting everyone wants to know – is shared hosting secure?

Whenever most people plan to start their own website, they prefer shared hosting. But the question is whether shared hosting is safe for your new website.

The answer is yes, only when you choose reputable, reliable, and well-known web hosting companies. However, shared hosting carries a certain amount of security risk.

Because shared hosting can be the most economical solution for running your website, but did you know that sometimes it can compromise the security and performance of your website.

Did you know that most people start their online journey with shared hosting?

Although you have no need to worry, there are several steps you can take to secure your website against shared hosting risks.

In this article, we will discuss the risks of using shared hosting and the measures to protect your site.

Let’s start the article – Is Shared Hosting secure, and Why Shared Hosting Is Bad?

Is Shared Hosting Secure For Your Personal Blog?

Because shared hosting is the cheapest, most people opt for it in the beginning. But our dilemma is about whether it is safe for our blog. If we follow the safety norms and be careful then only our site will be safe.

Follow the following precautions to protect the site:

  • Choose a reputable web hosting company.
  • Use the HTTPS protocol for your website because one of the main advantages of HTTPS is that it adds security and trust.
  • Choose only the hosting company whose security features you are satisfied with.
  • Make sure that backup features are added to your shared hosting plan.
  • Check whether the hosting company provides 24-hour customer support.

Is Shared Hosting safe for Your Business Website?

If you run a small business and have a website, then it is highly likely that your site is hosted by shared web hosting.

A business website is a direct place to provide general information about your company 24 hours a day. Initially, small businesses or startups do not have enough money, so they start their e-business on a shared hosting platform.

But does your commercial website face any security risk on shared hosting?

The answer is yes, only in the case when we ignore some security issue. Is shared hosting secure or we need to move our website to dedicated hosting?

If we remain alert then you can keep your business website secure on shared hosting as well. When your business grows and traffic increases then you can upgrade the site on dedicated hosting.

Is Shared Hosting Secure

What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a kind of hosting, a place where a single physical server hosts several sites. Because many users use resources on the same server, it reduces costs.

Shared servers can host hundreds of users and each user gets a share of a server in which they can host their website files.

Shared hosting provides the most cost-effective way to get a site online because the cost of maintaining the server is divided among all users.

Is shared Hosting Good?

It depends entirely on what type of shared hosting company and plans you choose. Because hosting companies offer a wide range of plans under the Shared Hosting category.

I suggest that you choose the top-tier of shared hosting plans as it includes maximum security features.

Benefits of Shared Hosting:

  • Low setup cost.
  • This is less expensive hosting than others.
  • Shared hosting is simple and easy to install.
  • Self-management is easy with the control panel.
  • You can host multiple domains and set up multiple websites.

Shared Hosting Security Risks

When you add multiple websites under the same hosting account, shared hosting poses a security risk. In some shared hosting, all of your sites are accessible with the same FTP account and all of your sites sit in the same directory with a shared IP address.

  • Shared IP address
  • Load time slow
  • Potential DDoS Attacks
  • Shared Directory

Is Shared Hosting Bad?

Some people criticize shared hosting due to a lack of proper security features, slow loading, low availability (uptime), poor support, and shared resources.

However, shared hosting is not as bad as millions of websites currently run on a shared platform. We all know that shared hosting has its limitations.

Overall, it is a good host for those who lack funds at an early stage.

What Are The Most Common Problems With Shared Hosting

One of the main problems with shared web hosting is its physical server that is shared by many websites or users.

The following are some of the most common web hosting problems and tips to keep away from them, which you need to consider before opting for a shared web hosting service.

  • Slow or Unreliable Service
  • Poor Customer Support
  • High Renewable Price
  • Insufficient Security features
  • Lack of scalability and flexibility
  • The slow loading speed of a website
  • Unable to handle the sudden increase in site traffic
  • Some low-cost web hosting companies provide a low level of security

Furthermore, if one website receives too much traffic, other websites on the server suffer due to excessive and highly inappropriate allocation of server resources.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

In many cases, shared hosting seriously affects the productivity of small businesses. In fact, loss by this shared hosting can become a serious impediment to the growth of the business.

Some Common Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • Lack of advanced security features.
  • Unable to withstand a sudden increase in website traffic
  • Web hosts do not disclose the limitations of a shared hosting plan.
  • As your business grows and site traffic increases, you need to upgrade
  • It takes too much time for customer support staff to solve shared hosting issues.
  • There is a large price difference between the first-time purchase price and the renewable price.
  • Shared servers experience high instances of server-side errors, prolonged load, and lack of resources.

How to Secure your Shared Hosting Account?

If we adopt the following security measures, then we can definitely keep our website safe.

  • Use a strong password to login.
  • Ensure regular backups of your website.
  • Make sure your hosting provider uses DDoS security.
  • Choose a reputable, reliable, and secure hosting provider.
  • Avoid using software and plugins from untrusted sources.
  • Install security plugins such as Wordfence, Sucuri, and MalCare.
  • You can also use a cloud firewall to protect the website. (Cloudflare)
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) for login, sometimes referred to as two-step authentication or dual-factor authentication.
  • Set File Permissions.
  • Block PHP Execution in Unknown Folders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shared Hosting

What is a shared hosting account?

It is a type of web hosting where a hosting server hosts multiple websites simultaneously.

In shared hosting, all the resources of the server such as CPU, RAM, storage, and more are shared by many websites.

In the hosting business, this type of service is usually inexpensive, as it usually comes with shared resources.

Is shared hosting safer than dedicated hosting?

The truth is that dedicated hosting is more secure than shared hosting. Because you have to compromise on something in shared hosting because the resource of the server is used by many users and many websites.

So there is always a possibility of a security glitch on shared hosting if the web host or user ignores some basic security precautions and makes some mistakes.

Whereas users get dedicated resources on dedicated hosting, so there is minimal possibility of a security flaw.

Security depends largely on what type of security features are provided by the web host.

What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

  1. Shared Hosting: It is a type of web hosting where a hosting server hosts multiple websites. Different users use and share resources on the same physical server, which reduces hosting costs.
  1. Dedicated Hosting: In the hosting business, this type of service is usually expensive, as it usually comes with dedicated resources that are dedicated to the activities of your website.

In dedicated hosting, users get a single server that is completely dedicated to one user.

Is Shared Hosting Slow?

This is sometimes due to web hosts because low-quality hosting companies attract consumers with low prices. But in most cases, they use low-grade hardware and their older servers are incredibly slow.

However, not all shared hosts are slow, as many reputable web hosts exist that provide quality services to their users.

Which Is The Best Shared Hosting?

  • Bluehost
  • GoDaddy
  • Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • Namecheap

What is the best security plugin for WordPress Website?

We strongly recommend that you always maintain and activate a trusted security plugin such as Wordfence, MalCare, and Sucuri on your site.


We did an in-depth analysis, Is shared hosting secure for your website. And we found that a shared hosting plan is a good option for users who are just starting a website for an online presence.

But as your traffic increases and your site grows larger, you may need to consider getting a dedicated server.

We strongly recommend that you always keep and activate a trusted security plugin like Wordfence, MalCare on your site.