Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio [Reviews] 2023

Convesio is a trustworthy high-quality WordPress hosting provider & their top-level next-generation technology ensuring the fastest, secure, and scalable hosting. It is the most appropriate managed WordPress hosting extremely useful for a business website, & powered by Docker containers.

Meanwhile, managed WordPress hosting convesio offers tons of innovative features that really work and are vitally important for a business website. Convesio shaking the WordPress and managed the WordPress hosting market by using the latest Docker container technology to make it easy to host secure, super-fast, scalable, and high availability websites.

Convesio is not like other hosting providers because its infrastructure is specially designed for hosting high-performance, scalable WordPress sites. With convesio hosting, you can relive the complexity of server setups because it’s simple, powerful, and affordable for all.

What is Convesio?

Convesio Managed WordPress Platform was founded in 2018 by Tom Fanelli. Currently, he is the CEO of Convesio, a developer and experienced marketer, who has served in many fortune 500 companies since July 2001.

Before founding convesio, the CEO tested nearly dozens of web hosting services to get a suitable web hosting that would have 100 percent uptime, high performance, and advanced security. But, in the end, he was disappointed to see the average result and then he decided to develop a hosting by himself.

Shortly after that, the convesio was born to provide the best-managed WordPress hosting platform to users.

The Next-generation Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio Main Features

1.) High-speed

2.) Affordable

3.) Scalable 

4.) Reliable

5.) Advanced Security

6.) 24/7 Expert Support

7.) Stress-Free Hosting

8.) Easy-to-use platform

9.) Improve Website Load Time

10.) Infrastructure Designed For High performance

Convesio Advanced Features

1.) High Availability

Load balanced containers equally distribute traffic to duplicate instances of WordPress. Basically, a load balancer is a server that distributes website traffic over a set of different servers.

2.) Fast Caching

WordPress front end is delivered by a customized caching layer in the load balancer.

3.) Application Monitoring

Convesio hosting advanced system is constantly monitoring your website at the WordPress application level.

4.) Clustered Database

To increase the performance every WordPress site is powered by multiple MySQL servers for high availability, uptime, and scalability.

5.) Self-Healing

Whenever your site goes offline for any reason, the platform will immediately re-deploy your container.

6.) Auto-Scaling

If your website gets jammed with high traffic company’s highly advanced system will automatically deploy multiple containers to handle the site load.

7.) Version Backups

Get Git-Style versioned backups of your website, which are simple, easy, and fast to restore.

8.) Security Monitoring

Convesio managed WordPress-specific security monitoring, scanning, and protection.

9.) Growth Protection

Convesio websites can handle the instant rise in traffic using an innovative system design that allows your website to automatically scale and run in multiple containers on multiple servers.

10.) Optimized for High Speed

Built on the fastest global networks of Google & Amazon, Convesio features parallel database query processing, built-in edge caching, HTTP/2, & much more to get the highest speed.

How To Create New WordPress Managed Website On Convesio

Convesio simple easy to use interface really works well and with the help of this video & some other guiding tutorials, you can easily set up your website.

Source: Convesio/Youtube: Convesio Introduction Video

How to add your domain name & SSL with Convesio

It’s pretty easy & simple to add domain and SSL with Convesio. You just log in to the site dashboard and choose the primary domain to add it. Here is the video that guides you through the rest of the process.

Source: Convesio/Youtube: How To Add Primary Domain & SSL

How to take backup of website from Convesio

You can easily set up backup options for the website and the rest of the functions is fully automated. Watch the video and learn how to set up & take backups.

Source: Convesio/Youtube: How to set up backups options

Learn about Convesio Super Fast caching with no plugin required.

Convesio caching is fully custom built and optimized for WordPress. The most striking feature is no plugin required one hundred percent built into the platform. Watch the video & learn how the Convesio fast caching works.

How to change & edit PHP configuration with managed wordpress hosting convesio.

It’s very simple to access your database with standard tools like phpMyAdmin. All database runs in a MySQL Percona Cluster which can either be shared or private. Watch the video and learn how to access your database with phpMyAdmin.

Source: Convesio/Youtube: Edit your PHP settings

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Pricing

$ 50 Monthly$ 100 Monthly$ 150 Monthly$ 350 Monthly
A low-cost container designed for smaller websites with the ability to scale during traffic surges.Designed for top traffic sites that require constant speed during load with the flexibility to scale up during traffic surge. Sensible for high-traffic websites and largely cached content.Designed for sites that require a lot of CPU, staff, and Memory includes scaling and performance. Sensible for eCommerce sites, membership sites, digital transfer, plugin intensiveCustomizable solutions for agencies and MSPs giving superior WordPress hosting services.
Basic FeaturesBasic FeaturesBasic FeaturesBasic Features
Single WordPress InstallSingle WordPress InstallSingle WordPress InstallMultiple Sites
10,000 Monthly Visits50,000 Monthly Visits150,000 Monthly VisitsCustomized Traffic Limits
 Memory 512MB  Memory 1GB Memory 2GBCustomizable Memory Limits
1 vCPU/Single Thread2 vCPU/Single Thread4 vCPU/Single ThreadCustomizable CPU Limits
4 PHP Workers8 PHP Workers16 PHP WorkersCustomizable Worker Limits
Storage 5GBStorage 10GBStorage 10GBCollective Storage Limits
Distributed CacheDistributed CacheDistributed CacheCustom Per/Site Pricing
24 / 7 Expert Support24 / 7 Expert Support24 / 7 Expert Support24 / 7 Expert Support
Convesio Plans & Pricing

Convesio all plans includes the following features:

Sr. NO.WordPress Management
1Easy-to-use Dashboard
2Automated Backups
3Free SSL Certificates
4Access Rules
5Dev & Staging
6Scheduled Backups
7Built-in Caching
8Install WordPress in just a few Minutes

Sr. No.Enterprise-Class Security
1Advanced Firewall Rules
2Enterprise DDoS Mitigation
3Automated Malware Patching
4Intelligent Threat Detection
5Human Presence Bot Detection
6Rate Limiting
7OWASP Core Rulesets
8Advanced Managed Rule Set
9Form/Comment Spam Protection
10Reputation-based Threat Protection
11Automated Vulnerability Patching

Sr. No.Essentials Support Package
1Malware Cleanup
2Free Basic Migrations
3Proactive Monitoring
4Performance Review
5Chat / Ticket Support
624 / 7 Expert Support
7Basic WordPress Troubleshooting

Sr. No.Pro Support Package
(Available with Performance Plan)
1Managed Security
2DB Optimization
3Account Manager
4Free Basic Migrations
5Advanced Speed Optimization
6Advanced WordPress Troubleshooting
7Chat, Ticket & Private Slack Channel
8Priority Response & Turnaround times

Convesio Reviews

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio is often rated as the best-managed WordPress hosting provider by many industry experts. Convesio users get a wide range of hosting options with a bundle of plans and features in different price segments to help you build and manage your website.

The most fateful thing about Convesio is that it offers an affordable starter plan which is most suitable for beginners and also provides round-the-clock customer service which is managed by its experienced staff.

Bottom Line

We review the Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio that has massive innovative features. I found it is not an ordinary hosting platform because it has several futuristic features that make your website super fast. Its infrastructure design to handle high traffic surges in all circumstances. Their advanced & regularly updated security features make a strong protective shield around your website. If you choose managed WordPress Hosting Convesio for your website, it’s really a wise decision. Learn more on the official Convesio website.

Convesio Alternatives

Convesio is an amazing managed WordPress hosting provider but if you don’t have the budget or maybe some other reasons then you can go with some other providers such as GoDaddy, Hostinger, and Bluehost.