Truth Social App: Donald Trump’s New Social Media Platform [Free Account]

Truth Social is another big social media platform that was created by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). The “TRUTH Social” is a social media site launched on February 21, 2022.

Truth Social is the new social media platform owned, controlled, and led by former US President Donald Trump. Currently, it has become the number one most downloaded app on Apple’s App Store soon after its launch. It was the app that millions of people around the world have been waiting for since it was announced.

Truth Social is featured on the “Big Tent” approach when it comes to free speech and censorship so users are unanimous that everyone should be given equal opportunities to express their opinions.

What Is The Name Of The Trump Social Media App?

The newly launched social media platform owned by the 45th US former President Donald Trump is named “Truth Social”. You can access this site because from 21st February 2022, it is available for users via iOS and its official site address is

What Is Trump’s TRUTH SOCIAL?

Trump’s Truth Social, an app designed and developed by TMTG, the new media company of former United States President Donald Trump, launched on Monday 21 February, and is now available for users to download in Apple’s App Store.

The Truth Social official app website says it is “America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.”

Multiple media sources confirmed that it was released to the App Store over the weekend and was updated to contain “bug fixes” late on Sunday. Truth Social’s website states that it will soon be available for Android users in the Google Play Store.

In 2021 when Facebook and Twitter banned Trump from social media platforms last year, citing “the risk of further inciting violence” after the January 6 uprising repeatedly encouraged by the former president. It is also true that many people did not accept this theory.

Major Developments:

• Last year, (in 2021) after violence broke out on Capitol Hill, former US President Donald Trump was banned by various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

• TRUTH Social app is the venture of TMTG (Trump Media & Technology Group), and it is reportedly led by Devin Nunes, a former Republican US Representative.

• Last year in October 2021, TMTG announced that it had entered into a merger agreement with Digital World Acquisition Corp.

• Truth Social was first launched in the US on 21st February 2022 on President’s Day.

Truth Social, The History Of The Formation Of The Social Media App

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, had floated the possibility of creating a new social media platform after Twitter and Facebook were isolated and banned in 2021, following the United States Capitol attack in 2021. Last year in May 2021, Trump launched a site “From Donald J. Trump’s Desk” where he posted short tweet-like announcements; USA Today reported in early June that it had been shut down after less than a month.

Last year on October 20, 2021, Trump Media & Technology Group issued a press release announcing that the TRUTH Social platform would have a public launch in the “first quarter of 2022”. Therefore Apple iOS was scheduled to enter a limited beta in Apple’s App Store in November 2021 and has since begun its beta testing program. Donald Trump claimed in December 2021 that a large number of “invited guests” were already using the beta site.

Truth Social App is based on Mastodon, a free and open-source software application released under the AGPLv3 license. However, AGPLv3 requires any derived source code to be publicly available. The controversy also escalated when, on October 21, 2021, the Software Freedom Conservancy group stated that they suspected Truth Social had violated Mastodon’s license by not offering its source code to all users. The Mastodon developers then formally requested that Truth Social comply with the terms of the software license. Then on November 12, 2021, Truth Social published its source code as a zip file on its official website.

Donald Trump made the first post on the Truth Social app site on February 16, 2022.

Finally, after a long wait, Truth Social was released to public use and all users on the Apple iOS platform on February 21, 2022.

Truth Social is expected to have a tough competition with Twitter and Facebook. Reportedly, users will be able to make posts “Truths” and share other users’ posts “ReTruths”. The platform will also have a newsfeed, called a “truth feed”, as well as a notification system.

During its development until October 2021, while the Truth Social platform was still in development, it used a custom version of the free and open-source social network hosting software Mastodon to connect to a wider collection of social networking websites typically is used to. Which is known as Fedverse. Mastodon’s version of Truth Social removed a number of features, including poll and post visibility options.

On December 14, 2021, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) said that it has partnered with the Rumble platform and is already providing cloud services to the Truth Social beta website.

What is Truth Social App
Name TRUTH Social
FoundedOctober 20, 2021
LaunchedFebruary 21, 2022
FounderDonald Trump
Site TypeSocial Networking Service
OwnerTrump Media & Technology Group
Service AreaU.S. and Canada
Availability on iOSAvailable and can be downloaded from App Store
Availability on Google Play StoreComing soon
StatusReleased – Truth Social was released on Apple iOS on February 21, 2022
Written and basedTruthSocial is based on Mastodon, free and open-source software

Who Owns Truth Social Media?

Truth Social App is owned by former US President Donald Trump.

Trump's new social app is named Truth Social
Trump’s own new social app: Truth Social

Is Truth Social Free?

Truth Social is the new social media platform owned and led by former US President Donald Trump. It’s currently the number one free app on Apple’s App Store shortly after its launch. Truth Social has been portrayed on the App Store as having a “big tent” approach when it comes to free speech and censorship and providing equal opportunities to express your opinion.

Truth Social App Download

Users can download the Truth Social app for the Apple iOS Store starting February 21, 2022. But during the signup process, there were several user accounts that reported delays or errors in setting up the account, but all these issues are now resolved.

Where Can I Download Truth Social?

As of now, it’s only available for download in the Apple App Store and currently only available in the US, & Canada, according to the official truth social website But later it will be available for other countries of the world as well. It currently enjoys high popularity among users and ranks as high as number 1 on Apple’s download charts.

How Much Does The Truth Social App Cost?

Truth Social app is free of cost for users but as of now, its availability is limited to only a few countries like the United States, Canada.

How To Invest In Truth Social Stocks?

This is a good move if you are thinking of buying TruthSocial stock but you cannot buy stock directly in TruthSocial. However, don’t be discouraged, you can buy and invest in stocks from Digital World Acquisition Group (DWAC) due to its merger with Trump Media & Technology.

Truth Social Launch Date

21 February 2022.


Q: Is the Truth Social app available?

Ans. Donald Trump’s new social media app platform “Truth Social” has gone completely live, and is now available for users to download on Apple’s App Store.

Q: Is Truth Social A free app?

Ans. Currently, Donald Trump’s “Truth Social” is the highest-ranking free app on the iOS App Store in the US and is absolutely free.

Q: Is the Truth Social App available in all countries?

Ans. Currently, Truth Social is only available to users in the United States and Canada, but not the rest of the world. But TruthSocial official site assured that they are working hard to make it available in all countries. They will be announcing it soon when Truth Social is available globally.

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