What Is Google Fiber And How Does It Work | Google Fiber Review 2023

Google Fiber belongs to Alphabet Inc. and aims to provide high-speed Internet service in the United States. Currently, it is deployed in several cities across the US. Here’s what you need to know: What is Google Fiber and how does it work?

There are many broadband internet service providers in the US who are offering their services but Google Fiber gives you a different experience. No one is unfamiliar with Google’s services, so feel free to use Google Fiber, it will not disappoint you.

What Is Google Fiber And How Does It Work?

Google Fiber is an offshoot of the Access division of Alphabet Inc. It provides fiber-to-the-home and office premises services in the United States. Under this service, they provide broadband internet and IPTV to all types of locations. Meanwhile, in mid-2016, Google Fiber had 68,715 TV subscribers and was estimated to have around 453,000 broadband subscribers.

Google Fiber service was started 12 years ago on 10 February 2010. The service was first introduced in the United States, the Kansas City metropolitan area, which included twenty Kansas City area suburbs within the first three years of launch.

Initially, it was proposed as an experimental project by Google at the time, and Google Fiber was finally announced as a feasible business model in December 2012, when Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt remarked “It is Not really an experiment, we’re actually running it as a business”, at the New York Times’ Dealbook conference.

What is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is basically a high-speed broadband internet service that uses fiber optic cables. Google Fiber WebPass uses wireless millimeter wave technology in select multi-family buildings to easily bring very high-speed Internet to your home or business. This Internet service is currently only available in the United States.

Where Is Google Fiber Available

Alphabet Inc. Google Fiber is available in 14 cities in 9 states across the United States. It is, basically, a residential and commercial Internet provider, providing broadband services with both fiber-optic and fixed wireless technology.

In August and September 2022, Google Fiber announced that it would expand to 22 metro areas in 5 states such as Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Nebraska, including previously announced expansions in Arizona, Mesa, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Where it felt like the speed issues were coming. It also announces more investments in North Carolina.

where is google fiber available map
Google fiber map

Google Fiber is available in the following US cities

Google Fiber City (USA)Status
Atlanta, GAAvailable
Austin, TXAvailable
Charlotte, NCAvailable
Huntsville, ALAvailable
Kansas City, KS/MOAvailable
Nashville, TNAvailable
Orange County, CAAvailable
Provo, UTAvailable
Salt Lake City, UTAvailable
San Antonio, TXAvailable
The Triangle, NCAvailable
West Des Moines, IAAvailable
Des Moines, IAComing soon
Lakewood, COComing soon
Mesa, AZComing soon
Omaha, NEComing soon

Google Fiber Webpass is available in the following US cities

Google Fiber Webpass City (USA)Status
Chicago, ILAvailable
Denver, COAvailable
Miami, FLAvailable
Oakland, CAAvailable
San Diego, CAAvailable
San Francisco, CAAvailable
Seattle, WAAvailable

Is Google Fiber Free?

Google Fiber is not free, you have to pay to take advantage of its internet services.

How much is Google Fiber a month

Google Fiber Internet Services pricing plans start at 1 or 2 Gbps download speeds, so it’s $70 per month for the 1 gig plan and $100 per month for the 2 gig plan, depending on the plan you choose.

Google Fiber Plans and Pricing

Google Fiber services have two plan options first is 1Gbps and the second is a 2Gbps plan. When you select a plan, you will need to select cities to check availability.

Fiber PlansMonthly priceMax speeds
1 Gig$70Download 1,000Mbps,
Upload 1,000Mbps
2 Gig$100Download 2,000Mbps,
Upload 1,000 Mbps

Google Fiber Plan Comparison

Google Fiber Plans1 Gig2 Gig
Price$70/ Month$100/ Month
Download SpeedsUp to 1 gigabitUp to 2 gigabits
Upload SpeedsUp to 1 gigabitUp to 1 gigabit
Data capsNo data caps or annual contractsNo data caps or annual contracts
Included Equipment1 Gig Plan comes with Google Wifi, or you can use your own router.Wi-Fi 6 Router, Tri-band Mesh Extender

What Are The Benefits Of Google Fiber Internet?

• Fast speeds Internet
• Download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gigabit for the 1Gig plan
• Download speed is up to 2 Gigabit and upload speed is up to 1 Gigabit for 2 Gig plan
• No data caps or annual contracts for services
• 1 TB of free cloud storage